What We Offer

Eye Examination

We provide a comprehensive 360 degree eye examination in which your visual acuity is tested to determine your prescription needs. Your eye health is also examined to ensure that your eyes are working at their very best.

These appointments can take up to 40 minutes and are bulk billed. 

Retinal Camera

At Exsighting Vision we take photographs of your eyes, in order to determine the health of your retina, macula,optic nerve and blood vessels. Quite often we can do this without drops, but sometimes it may be necessary to dilate your pupil in order to get a good photo. Retinal photos can show evidence of blood pressure, diabetes, macular disease, glaucoma and melanoma. It is particularly useful in early detection and implementation of preventative interventions.

Stephen will  show you the photo and discuss with you the elements visible and any changes of concern. You have every opportunity to ask questions and be involved in your eye health.

There is a small charge for the photo, as it is not covered by Medicare.

Field Testing

At Exsighting Vision we have the latest equipment for monitoring and diagnosing eye problems.

A field tester is just one of an armoury of equipment useful in monitoring and diagnosing disease.

The test takes about 15-20 minutes and is bulk billed to Medicare.  It is especially important for glaucoma patients to undertake regular field tests.

Stephen will gladly discuss results of tests with you and welcomes your questions.

O.C.T Scans

If the optometrist has any concerns about your vision or your eye health he may suggest an OCT Scan. This revolutionary technology enables the optometrist to view the layers of your eyes, revealing any malformations, fluids or abnomalities. It is particularly useful in diagnosing macular degeneration, glaucoma, cancers and vitreous problems.

You will have the opportunity to view the scans and to ask any questions regarding the findings. If necessary referral will be made to the appropriate Opthalmologist and scans can be emailed to GP's or specialists.

There is a small charge for OCT scans as they are not covered by Medicare.

Vision Training

Optometrist, Stephen Scott-Hoy is passionate about his work and his excitement is contagious; just ask his vision training patients! At Exsighting Vision eye examinations go beyond an ability to see letters clearly. Vision skills such as eye tracking and depth perception are assessed, to determine how well the eyes perform together. Vision training can improve not only reading but sports performance as well. Whether young or old, if you are concerned about your vision, need new glasses, contact lenses or just want a check-up, Stephen is happy to discuss options with you. 

Dry, Irritated Eyes?

If your eyes water a lot it is possible you have a dry eye. When our eyes are dry and irritated they send a message to the brain to send more tears. 

Sometimes we can have small infections in the glands on our eyelids, sometimes a stray eyelash can cause irritation and sometimes the drainage system is just blocked!

At Exsighting Vision we can check your eyes and discuss your symptoms with you in order to find a solution that works!

Dry eyes aren't just a nuisance, they can impact on your vision and your daily tasks in a big way. Don't just put up with it, come and let us work with you in improving your eye health.

We are also stockists of OPTIMEL, a Manuka honey treatment for eyes and HYLO-FORTE, a unique tear replacement.