Comfort, Function and Fashion!


Over the years we've come to learn some tricks of the trade... We're happy to share them you.

Frames aren't just fashion items! They have a very important job to do. They hold the lenses in front of your eyes in the best position for the best possible vision. If your frame slips around, if the angles are wrong not only will it drive you mad, but your vision won't be good.

We've fully flexible frames for those who are rough on glasses.

We've brilliant look overs with no frame at the top for those who just want readers.

We've a large range of Rimless frames (no frame) for those who don't like frames.

We have hard to get frames for Small Faces, and frames for those with Big heads!

And we have frame and lens packages that start from around $100!* (*conditions apply)

Come in and talk to us about what is important in a frame.... we'll let you in on the tricks we've learned! 

And don't forget to ask Karen about lop-earred bunnies!





Want something that is "just you"? We'll search out a frame for you in colour, size and pattern YOU want. Call in to discuss your needs!
Tired of losing screws out of frames? We have a great range of frames that don't have screws!
We understand that not everyone is average. Check out our frames for SMALL faces!