ExSighting Vision Optometrist

This notice is to let you know that as of 19th March 2021 we have closed the doors of ExSIGHTing Vision Optometrists, Latrobe.

For the past seven years we have been honoured to serve so many patients at exSIGHTing Vision Optometrists, Latrobe and after forty years as an Optometrist, I am retiring from full time practice and we are transferring all patient records to Davis Eyecare, Devonport. 

Davis Eyecare, Devonport will hold your records for continuity of your eye health. It has been a pleasure being part of the lives of so many patients over the years and I feel confident in introducing you to Steven Davis and his team, who I have known for many years. 

Davis Eyecare has been caring for the community of Devonport and beyond for over thirty years and they are primary eye care and contact lens providers, certified to prescribe therapeutic eye drops to treat conditions such as conjunctivitis, allergy, dry-eye and glaucoma and also have a large collection of spectacle frames and sunglasses for you to choose from. 

Davis Eyecare is located at 27 Stewart St, Devonport. Their website is www.daviseyecare.com.au and the contact phone is 03 6424 3088.  You may also email admin@daviseyecare.com.au.

Of course, both Davis Eyecare and I recognise that who you choose as an eye health care provider is a personal decision and whilst Steven and his team would be delighted to welcome you, you have several options:

If you would like Davis Eyecare to look after your ongoing eye health, then you do nothing. You will be sent an eye examination reminder when it is next due. Alternatively, you can make a booking at any time online at www.daviseyecare.com.au or by calling 03 6424 3088.

If you would prefer to transfer to another provider, then please let Davis Eyecare know.  Naturally if you wish to attend another practice, Davis Eyecare can pass on a Vision Summary from your files to the practitioner of your choice. You just need to send your request by email to admin@daviseyecare.com.au.  Please note that Davis Eyecare will need your written consent to provide your records to another provider.

You may collect your records from Davis Eyecare, 27 Stewart Street, Devonport. 

I have greatly valued our relationship and thank you for your loyalty and friendship over the years. 

Best wishes for your future health.

Yours Sincerely,

Stephen Scott-Hoy